ZAS considers management involvement to be of critical importance in furthering safety and health throughout the company’s operations. Managers, supervisors and team leaders at its manufacturing center participate in a Safety Leadership session to gain insight into safety basics and are collectively and individually responsible in promoting safety in their respective areas.In addition, safety is included as a performance metric and reward system for management. We believe this will be a significant contributor to improved safety at ZAS.


The foundation of ZAS’s safety and health programs is ensured through compliance with local regulations, and by conducting risk assessments of tasks performed; developing safe operating procedures (SOP); and providing new hire safety orientations, job training, and training for specific topics such as fire, electrical and chemical safety, among others. We identify improvement needs and incorporate proper safety and fire protection features into new designs from the beginning. ZAS has a robust fire protection and prevention programs, as well as emergency plans with routine drills conducted. Safety and housekeeping inspections by local teams and periodic site visits by the management and third party audits also help identify improvement needs.


ZAS plans to establish measures to consistently capture and report workplace accident information across every department of the facility. The company uses this data to publish quarterly global safety reports, allowing leadership to recognize excellent performance and identify areas for improvement. ZAS also plans to introduce the Site Safety Programs Review (SSPR), a self-assessment safety review, with weighted scores to reflect the relative importance of health , fire & safety topics. This annual program will provide ZAS with a systematic means for continuous improvement and will help ensure that a minimum level of safety programs is established at ZAS.


Frequent communication is one approach ZAS takes to raise safety awareness among workers & employees. The company ensures extensive communication through its staff at site to encourage sharing of knowledge and best practices. Updates and training are often conducted, extensive safety communications are provided during group meetings,held by supervisors, and through digital display screens and bulletin boards. Employee suggestion programs are encouraged at ZAS to promote creative approaches to promoting safety and to focus on the positive aspects of safety awareness.


As a company, ZAS works to ensure all departments meet regulatory safety standards & establish stringent internal safety requirements and ensure consistency in safety processes across all operating departments .